The 21 Day Sugar Detox Review – Will This Program Produce Results?

21 day sugar detox bookDiet programs are a dime-a-dozen these days, with most of them focusing primarily on the reduction of food intake, under the misguided idea that there is a 1:1 ratio between eating and gaining weight, not taking into account that certain food types are especially complicit in weight gain while certain ones are practically harmless, and in fact helps prevent cravings for bad food types.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox program is different, in a very positive way, simply because it doesn’t rely on cutting down on food, nor does it depend on starvation. Rather, it focuses on weaning you off two unwanted things that can result in severe weight gain and water retention: sugar and carbohydrates.

For the rest of this article we are going to provide an in-depth review of the 21-Day Sugar Detox program, highlighting it’s benefits, principles and effectiveness.

Benefits of the 21 Day Sugar Detox Program

Weight loss, while the crowning gem of diet programs and certainly a big part of the 21 Day Sugar Detox program, is not the only benefit. It has a number of other benefits such as a more active and clearer mind, a more efficient body that doesn’t suffer from energy spikes and dips throughout the day, and an overall improvement in mood and metabolism.

Principles Behind This Program

stop sugar carbThe basic principle behind the 21 Day Sugar Detox is that sugar and carbohydrates are the two most problematic parts of a normal person’s diet, both of which can easily lead to cloudy thinking, intense and irregular hunger pangs, and above average weight gain.

Sugar, for its part, is already acknowledged as one of the “evils” in food these days, and is generally avoided by health conscious individuals because of their ability to mess with energy levels and your body’s natural insulin levels (which could be indirectly fatal as it could lead to pre-diabetes and actual diabetes).

People who need to maintain an ideal weight also need to avoid sugar, as it has an uncanny ability to absorb copious amounts of water, leading to an abnormally huge weight gain due to water retention.

Carbohydrates are the root of sugar problems, if not its partner. This is because carbohydrates have the ability to increase the body’s insulin levels to abnormal levels. Insulin, for its part, creates sugar relative to its amount, and we go back to square one, with sugar packing on the pounds and leading to all sorts of bodily problems.

This program therefore doesn’t rely on reducing the amount of food you eat. Rather, it weans you off the types of food that are heavy on sugar and carbs. Additionally, it helps prevent cravings for said food types, so that you don’t have to worry about the program devolving into a yo-yo diet.

This is for the long term – if you follow the guide to the letter, you get to kick the sugar and carb habit and you lead a healthier life for the long term.

How Effective is it?

The 21 Day Sugar Detox program is inherently effective, mainly because it has one important thing going for it: it doesn’t ask you to avoid every single food that tastes good, which has always been the Achilles Heel of many diet programs as it basically makes a person fight against his own nature to like delicious food.

With a lot of diet courses that rely on bland, tasteless food, eating is turned into a boring, tedious chore. Ultimately leading to a lot of dieters constantly “cheating” or giving up entirely.

The guide takes into account that a lot of people who are struggling with health and weight issues don’t have strong willpower in the first place, so it offers a choice of three levels of detox that can be customized to a person’s needs. These range from simply easing oneself into detox or rapidly kicking the sugar addiction “cold turkey.”

Additionally, it doesn’t rely on a specific list of recipes that you have to prepare everyday and follow exclusively. What it does is recommend a replacement for specific foods and suggest things that will allow you to modify the program for specific types of people, such as athletes, pregnant/breastfeeding moms, or even those who are already following certain diet principles such as vegetarians and vegans.

Another nifty aspect of the program is that it provides dining out and party tips, which helps you maintain the program even if you’re out partying or dining out, which is where a lot of  dietary plans usually fail.

It also holds your hand through some of the more esoteric parts of the plan, such as providing guides and tips on how to find some of the special ingredients in the recipes it provides (30 pages of book of which are included in the program.)

What’s especially surprising about this course is that you will be allowed to eat some food that are conventionally considered as fattening, like certain meat products such as bacon.

Generally, users of this book course tend to experience moderate weight gain during the first week, as they tend to absorb more water in the absence of carbs and sugar. This is expected, and actually helps make them feel more full, thereby preventing cravings for sugary and starchy food.

After the first week, the weight gain will plateau and they will also start to lose water weight, followed by actual loss of fatty tissues.

The more noticeable effects are apparent during the first week, though. You’ll generally feel like you have more energy all throughout the day, and you’ll have a more restful sleep at night, which sort of snowballs into more benefits, such as being able to concentrate more during the day, and an all around pleasant mood.


At the end of the day, the 21 Day Sugar Detox program can be easily recommended for people regardless of body make up and will power, as it is fully customizable. Additionally, it works for the long term instead of many fad diets, making it one of the few health and diet courses that actually product results without any side effects or difficult requirements.

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